The Evolution Hammock is Here!

We are so excited to finally be able to introduce the Evolution Hammock. We have been working on this project for a while and it's fantastic to show it the light of day! Our patent is officially filed and we are getting ready for launch.

What makes the Evolution Hammock so incredible is how it fixes so many issues that traditional hammocks and under-quilts cannot. Our patent pending design attaches an 850 + down fill sleeping bag to the hammock. This allows us to ensure you'll always have the warmth you need underneath the hammock and on top. We've created it with the toughest, lightest material available with allows the Evolution Hammock to clock in at just under 3 pounds! For backpackers, that is a dream. Imagine all you have to carry is one product that is the size of a small sleeping bag and it replaces your sleeping bag, your traditional hammock or tent, under-quilt and a sleeping pad. We have eliminated extra bulk and weight; and it is unbelievably comfortable.

We are launching our Kickstarter campaign in May 2017. Watch for our early bird specials and you could be the first in your crew to get what is being called the next step in lightweight camping excellence!

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