Okay all you fans of Gear Hackers, we have an update. I know we mentioned in previous posts that we were getting close, which we are, but we had a couple issues with the manufacturing in February and they were having trouble with our patent pending system. The under quilt specifically has been the issue. The rest of the production is on point. We skyped with the factory earlier this week and walked them through the process, again. We think they have it. They sent us the latest version that we should be receiving later this week. If it is perfect, then we will have them start production and we will start shipping to all our pre-orders. If it is not 100%, we'll make adjustments until it is.

We want this to be the best hammock you've ever owned or will own and when our system is done correctly, it will be. We know that because we've tested it and when our patented system is done correctly, IT IS AWESOME!! We are insistent that you get the quality you deserve and will continue working with our factory until that quality is achieved. Feel free to shoot us any questions you may have and we'll keep you updated as the process continues. Thanks everyone!!

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